Wyoming Republican Party Reports ‘Hijacking’ of Phone Numbers for Fraudulent Calls to Political Polls


By Brendan LaChance on August 31, 2021


CASPER, Wyo. –The Wyoming Republican Party said Monday it had received “numerous reports of automated calls late at night and early in the morning on the nights of August 29 and 30”.

The robocalls asked people to take a political poll that included asking who they would vote for in the Wyoming U.S. House of Representatives race.

“The automated call implies that the call is from the Wyoming Republican Party,” the Wyoming Republican Party said. “Rest assured that these calls are not generated on behalf of any Republican state or county in Wyoming. The “hijacking” of phone numbers to be used for fraudulent calls is a well-known opposition and disruption tactic. ”

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The Wyoming Republican Party said the most frequently reported call is for 307-209-3329, a Rock Springs area phone number.

“This number does not appear to be registered with any user, nor is there an identified provider or operator,” the Wyoming Republican Party said. Unfortunately, these disruptors often ‘key in’ multiple unassigned numbers to launch to when one is blocked. The call may originate from outside the country. Please contact your telephone service provider to find out how to protect yourself from calls and report calls as fraudulent calls.

“There are websites to report to, for example https://scamcallers.com/. The reports will help raise awareness of the scam and mark the number (s) as fraudulent calls. “

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