Travel of Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland to Paraguay, Panama and El Salvador



JUNE 25, 2021

Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland to visit Asuncion, Paraguay; Panama City, Panama; and San Salvador, El Salvador, June 27-30 with an interagency delegation to engage with senior leaders, government officials and civil society across the region. Other high-ranking members of the delegation include Acting Deputy Secretary for the Western Hemisphere Julie Chung, Deputy Deputy Secretary of Defense for the Western Hemisphere Daniel Erikson, Director of the National Security Council for Central America Megan Oates and United States Southern Command Brigadier General Rick Uribe’s Policy and Planning Director.

During their trip to Paraguay, Under Secretary Nuland and the U.S. delegation will meet with Paraguayan President Mario Abdo Benitez to discuss cooperation in addressing the challenges posed by the global pandemic and ways to strengthen democracy in our hemisphere. Under Secretary Nuland and Foreign Minister Acevedo will co-chair the second US-Paraguayan Strategic Partnership Dialogue on Regional Democracy and Security, Trade and Investment, Governance Development and Cooperation, and Relations bilateral.

In Panama, the delegation will meet with President Cortizo and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Carrizo. They will also visit the Panama Canal to speak with the administrator of the Vásquez Canal. The meetings will focus on protecting citizens from the pandemic and its economic devastation, mitigating climate change, deepening trade ties, addressing regional migration challenges and enhancing security in the region. Under Secretary Nuland and the US delegation will also meet with environmental NGOs and innovation leaders.

During their trip to El Salvador, the US delegation will meet with President Bukele and other political leaders to discuss migration, democracy and regional goals. They will also meet with members of civil society and the private sector to discuss the key role these groups play in creating an environment in which all Salvadorans can thrive.


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