Street resurfacing in Carrboro will last two months

If you’ve been to downtown Carrboro lately, you’ve seen the massive construction project around Main Street as OWASA crews replace 2,000 feet of sewer lines.

But that’s not the only road project underway in Carrboro this spring.

During the months of March and April, Carboro public works crews will resurface 15 local streets. This is a two-year project to improve some of the 47 miles of roadway that the City of Carrboro is responsible for maintaining.

“Every two years we take several of our local roads in Carrboro and do scheduled resurfacing,” Mayor Damon Seils recently told 97.9 The Hill. “These are local roads, not the [NCDOT-maintained] roads like Main Street.

Municipal authorities will notify residents at least 48 hours before the start of work. Residents are encouraged to remove their vehicles from the roads in advance; it may be required once the work has started.

This year’s Carboro Street resurfacing project includes the following 15 roads:

  • Hogan Hills Road
  • Bayview Drive
  • North Fields Circle
  • Mansion Lake Path
  • Lake Ridge Square
  • Tramore Drive
  • Colfax Drive
  • Poplar Avenue West
  • Palomar Point
  • N. Hawick Court
  • Burnes Square
  • Barrington Hill Path
  • Autumn campaign
  • cantonal court
  • Downing Court

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