Slog AM: Bruce puts his niece in his administrator, Jay just loves electric cars and Pfizer is amplified about his pill – Slog

The guy chose his niece to be the first deputy mayor. City of Seattle

In case you forgot: The recall election of board member Kshama Sawant almost feels like a distant memory. A week ago the Foreigners Election Control Commission got drunk at Chop Suey’s election night in Sawant, and on Sunday we may be going back to his victory day, also from Chop Suey, who has become a favorite of the Sawant crew. Sawant is still ahead, and the Recall campaign is highly unlikely to make a comeback, which Sawant knows: She has already declared an “apparent” victory and roasted her fellow Democrats.


From Monday evening, Sawant has secured a 309-vote lead with 450 disputed ballots that have until the end of Thursday to be healed. To see if King County Elections counted your vote, look here. And check out Rich’s latest post on it, but fucking don’t bother him; he is now on vacation – or as many vacations as the man is willing to take.

Family is the most important: Mayor-elect Bruce Harrell has promised Seattle the brightest minds in his administration. Harrell announced his first round of administrative picks in a press release Monday. Harrell has appointed his niece and campaign manager Monisha Harrell as senior deputy mayor. The latest person to hold the position, Tiffany Washington (who will become a new “Deputy Mayor of Housing and Homelessness” in the Bruce administration) was making more than $ 100 an hour according to salary data from the city. I wish my uncle would give me a job like that wow.

Compassion Seattle Won’t Die: Harrell has also appointed Tim Burgess as director of strategic initiatives. The former council member and emergency mayor recently helped create the late Compassion Seattle. Harrell liked the pro-sweep initiative so much, that after a court Deemed it so incredibly illegal, he urged the current council to adopt similar policies, which he has promised to bring to the mayor’s office anyway.

snow baby !!! I don’t have a fancy forecast, but a quick glance out the window showed no signs of snow. yet KIRO 7 have reported delays for several school districts in Pierce, Thurston and Lewis County.

The green man: Governor Jay Inslee has proposed a series of climate initiatives in anticipation of the next legislative session. City planners will like it to have a bit of anti-car. He said: “The amount of carbon emissions we will need to reduce to meet this legally binding commitment is equivalent to the emissions of 1.3 million vehicles taken off the road.”

Fucking cars … sort of: Inslee wants to spend $ 100 million a year on give staggered discounts encourage the purchase of electric vehicles. So it’s a bit of a “car positive”, but I’m not an environmentalist. Buy a new zero-emission van for under $ 80,000 or a sedan for under $ 55,000, Inslee wants to give you $ 7,500. Buy a used zero emission vehicle, it will give you $ 5,000. Even buyers of zero-emission bikes could see $ 1,000 in rebates if the Legislature likes the idea.

Goodbye Gonzalez: After six years in office, Council President Lorena González bade farewell to her fellow Council members. González sort of put all her eggs in one basket when she decided to run for mayor instead of defending her seat. In January, Fremont Brewing co-owner Sara Nelson will take González’s seat, making a once solidly progressive seat an almost guaranteed vote for the council’s moderate minority faction. But since the Socialist latched onto her seat, Seattle Channel fanatics may have plenty of political clashes to tweet.

Rights of workers violated: The board commemorated González as a worker champion, but Twitter had a different opinion, as the board just voted through the Zoom meeting to set a new date for end the risk premium.

Nine years have passed since a school gunman killed 20 six- and seven-year-olds in their elementary school. Those with the power to keep students safe at school have not been pressured to do so adequately. In the years that followed, too many students died in their classrooms, from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., To Oxford High School, Michigan more recently.

Anti-union but make it * festive *: This pretty mail comes from the Freedom Foundation in Olympia.

Difficult to work for a school district: Last week, I reported on the ongoing saga at a high school in the Bellevue area (a student claimed to have been abused; the school did not do enough to his liking; the students are walked out; the school kicked out the alleged victim; she returned last week, hating how she thinks the school privileged her accused abuser and left). Well, now students, parents and teachers are protesting the Monroe School District and fighting for classrooms free from racism, hate and discrimination. KING 5 said protesters wanted the district superintendent to step down so as not to do enough to prevent these things. Schools, man.

The pill: Pfzier said their experimental pill to treat COVID-19 appears to be effective against the very terrifyingly named Omicron variant. It looks like a transformer but I digress. Either way, the FDA is expected to decide whether or not to approve this pill and another competing pill soon. The PA has history.

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