Sialkot administrator denies PTI permission for public gathering at CTI Ground

The district administration has refused to grant permission to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to hold a public rally of former Prime Minister Imran Khan at the CTI Ground in Sialkot on Saturday (tomorrow).

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The district administration raised an objection that the PTI organizers did not seek permission from the owners of the CTI Ground to hold their public gathering at the Sialkot site.

Administrative officials said permission will not be granted for public assembly on private property without permission from the owners.

The political party has been asked to change the venue of its public rally from CTI ground to Government Murray College ground or Sports Gymnasium Pasrur Road.

Earlier, the Lahore High Court on Friday ordered the Deputy Commissioner of Sialkot to rule on a claim by a private educational institute against the use of its land by Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) for its meeting. public on May 14 without permission.

Judge Abid Aziz Sheikh gave the instruction on a petition from Samson Jacob, a representative of the Sialkot Presbyterian Board of Education.

The applicant, through a lawyer, maintained before the court that the PTI had announced that it would hold its public meeting on May 14 in the precincts of the board of directors. He said the council had not received any information from the government or the party, and he had not allowed anyone to hold political rallies on his land.

The lawyer asked the court to prevent the government from allowing the PTI to hold its meeting on the grounds of the board of directors. He said that if the PTI was not banned, other parties would also hold political rallies on the ground, which would affect the confidentiality of the minority education council.

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A provincial court officer told the court that no permission had been granted to the PTI by the district administration to hold the public meeting on the grounds of the Presbyterian council.

Thereupon, the judge disposed of the petition and ordered the Deputy Commissioner of Sialkot to rule on a claim by the petitioning organization against the use of its land within one day.

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