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Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia criticized the House’s upcoming Jan. 6 committee hearing on Thursday night, calling it “a cut-and-paste of the Hollywood production.”

Speaking on the House floor hours before the hearing began, Taylor Greene said there were many issues the committee had yet to study or share information on, and encouraged its members to release full surveillance footage captured inside the Capitol building on January 6, 2021. .

“There are surveillance cameras all over this building,” Taylor Greene said. “If we really want to know the truth about January 6, it’s very simple: all we have to do is post the video footage and everyone can see for themselves what exactly happened.”

“I think the American people deserve this as they have to watch and go through this great cinematic production tonight, and go on for weeks and weeks and weeks,” she continued. “And the American people are paying for it, by the way. The American people deserve to see everything, all of the CCTV, not just the little cut-and-paste pieces that the January 6 Committee is going to show tonight.”

Taylor Greene concluded her comments by suggesting that the hearing would “not be truthful.”

“If we’re supposed to represent the American people, and we’re supposed to do a good job and defend this place with honor and uphold its good name for the people we serve, then we should be honest,” Taylor Greene said. “But what’s going to happen tonight is not going to be true. It’s going to be a political narrative, and that’s it for politics, and it’s sickening.”

Taylor Greene shared a nearly nine-minute snippet of her speech on Twitter with accompanying text that the hearing was a “Hollywood production.”

“The American people deserve to know exactly what happened on January 6, 2021,” she tweeted. “That’s not going to happen with the cut-and-paste Hollywood production we’re going to see tonight. Get all the tapes out, let the American people know the truth!”

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