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Meanwhile, robocalls and texting remained a viable political messaging tactic in 2021, even in the absence of presidential and midterm elections. by RoboKiller Overview of political messages, the world’s first political automated appeals and text trend monitoring system, found Americans has received an estimated 427 million automated political calls and 5.4 billion political texts so far in 2021. Although this year’s totals are likely to be lower than the 2020 pace, they represent a growing reliance on l ‘regard to these media among political campaigns seeking to reach and influence voters.

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Call and SMS scams: key findings and takeaways

  • Americans should receive a huge 157 billion combined calls and texts in 2021. According to trends in phone scams since the start of the year reported to the FTC, these unwanted messages will cost consumers approximately $ 716 million.
  • Spam calls using forged caller IDs account for approximately 37% of all spam call traffic so far in 2021. However, this figure is expected to drop to 30% by year-end, in large part thanks to the FCC’s STIR / SHAKEN anti-identity theft caller ID framework.
  • While STIR / SHAKEN will affect the ability of scammers to spoof calls, that doesn’t mean consumers will receive less spam this year. As crooks adapt, RoboKiller estimates that the total number of spam messages will increase by 55% in 2021.
  • In 2020, RoboKiller identified an increase in the share of bank and IRS fraudulent calls due to the contraction of the labor market and the economic impact of COVID-19. In 2021, scams appear to be more focused on travel, pandemic relief programs and in particular vehicle warranty promotions.
  • Auto warranty scams are set to become the biggest phone scam ever by RoboKiller. This category of automated calls is twice the size of the next leading scam and has overtaken the 2020 leader Social Security and IRS scams.
  • Bank verification and account login scams are expected to increase by 50% in 2021. Meanwhile, scammers are expected to rely heavily on SMS scam tactics, especially during the holidays.

Read the full biannual phone scams report here.


Automated calls and political texts: key findings and takeaways

  • Political campaigns relied heavily on robocalls and text messages to voters in 2020. June to december 2020, Americans received more than 520 million political robocalls, or 75 million per month. Between June and November, they received approximately 14.9 billion Political SMS.
  • Robots and texting are unlikely to be this plentiful in a year without an election, but they are still plentiful: 427 million calls and 5.4 billion SMS have been placed so far in 2021. Republicans are more dependent on robocalls (247 million against 150 million) and SMS (3.7 billion to 1.7 billion) than Democrats so far this year.
  • Peer-to-peer SMS (when a volunteer sends an SMS rather than an autodialer) played an important role in the record levels of political SMS in 2020. At its peak in October, peer-to-peer SMS represented 40% of all sent messages, before moving on to 25% after the December elections.
  • Shortcodes (5 or 6 digit phone numbers used by campaigns to send and receive texts at scale) should compensate 81% republicans and 76% of the totals of Democratic texts in 2021.

Read the full report of the biannual political message here.


Top five most spammy states projected for 2021:


Total spam estimate

Total spam estimate
The texts


9 086 405 011

10 945 454 202


7 383 823 722







4 931 455 463

new York

3 235 120 522

9 951 402 672

Top nationwide phone scams:

Robocallers tend to target densely populated cities and states, and 2021 is no exception. Texas, California, Florida, Ohio, and New York, the five most spammy states this year, are all among the top seven most populous states in the country.


Peer-to-peer texting is a way for political agents to reach voters who may not have consented to receive messages. This method of communication is becoming an important part of political campaigns, as it represents around 1 in 5 political texts sent so far in 2021.

How to stop phone scams
At RoboKiller, our mission is to create a spam-free world. In addition to downloading the RoboKiller app, here are some steps to follow to protect yourself. In addition, any brand interested in protecting itself against scams perpetrated under its name can contact our business services team for more information.

RoboKiller Data Information
by RoboKiller automated call and spam text the information is fed by a global database of millions of known phone scams and audio fingerprints. The data is estimated by monitoring the observed trends in automated calls and spam messages for Americans who trusted RoboKiller to stop their spam calls. For a full analysis of robocall trends in specific locations, details on particular phone scams, or any related custom inquiries, please contact RoboKiller’s robocall analysis team. here or to [email protected].

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