Restructuring local governments will reduce kidnappings and killings – Clerc

The Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of Niger and Bishop of the Diocese of Awka, Anglican Communion, Alexander Ibezim, said the restructuring of local government areas would put an end to the continued killings and kidnappings in the country.

Ibezim also mentioned that when free and fair elections are held in local government areas, mental health will be restored in the regime.

The cleric added that Nigeria as a nation should return to the structure of local government, which he said would allow the people to feel the impact of governance.

He revealed that the current political structure, as it stands, has detached government from the people, which is the reason for the growing unrest across the country.

Speaking to reporters in Awka on Saturday during his Christmas message, the cleric said “bringing the government closer to the people will reduce the rate of kidnappings and other crimes currently affecting Nigeria.”

Ibezim said: “For the government to be effective, there must be a structure that will be closer to the people. You may not know how the system works. For the president, who is in Abuja, giving an order is not enough to solve the problem we have in Nigeria.

“Therefore, I am advocating that Nigeria, as a nation, return to the structure of local government. There is a need to strengthen local governments because they are very close to the different towns and communities and even to create more of them and do it until it becomes a business affair because you have to be closer to the people to security is effective and that is why these things are happening across the country today.

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