Promotions from the Ministry of Sports: political government, therefore political consideration

Nazrul Islam joined the Youth Development Department of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in an entry-level position in 1990. He was at the top of the list in the recruitment test. After 15 years of “satisfactory” performance, it was regularized in 2005.

Now upazila deputy youth development officer, he has a good service record.

From a list of 1,175 officers selected for higher positions, Nazrul was sixth. The department’s own committee, formed to select officers for the new posts, prepared the graduation list based on length of service and records.

The list was originally prepared in 2016 and finalized in October this year after years of legal battles.

But when the ministry issued the order for the posts last month, a completely dejected Nazrul discovered his name was not there.

In an ordinance of November 25, the department appointed 112 assistant upazila youth development officers, giving them the “current position” of upazila youth development officers.

“I have no political affiliation and no bad track record in my career. But I was left out,” Nazrul said.

Like him, some 70 officers have been refused new positions. Most of them have been replaced by the ones at the bottom of the Gradation List, also known as the Fit List.

The posts were handed over in violation of the decree of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of October 28, 2021, which asked the department to process the promotion on the basis of the gradation list.

The department did not follow the list, and a senior secretary said the job posting order should have stuck with the proper list.

Officers who were refused new positions alleged corruption, nepotism and political favoritism.

“Some of my colleagues tried to persuade me to arrange 5 lakh Tk to bribe senior officials. But I refused,” said one officer, who was in the top 10 on the list of suitable candidates.

“Now I have to work with my caddy, which is humiliating,” he said, wishing to remain anonymous.

He said he too had a good service record.

New positions with the “current load” of upazila Youth Development Officer are a crucial step for future promotions. Those who take care of the “current load” of any position usually get the position whenever a position becomes vacant.

Once promoted to Upazila Youth Development Officers, they become first class officers with higher salary and status.

On November 28, three days after the ministry issued the order, some aggrieved officers wrote to the standing parliamentary committee of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, alleging irregularities and requesting intervention.

They also challenged the order in Dhaka Administrative Court-1, two days later.

“Managing Director in post [of the department] Azharul Islam Khan has indulged deeply in irregularities and corruption. He created a union, through which he achieved 5 lakh Tk each and gave positions in charge to officials who even appear at the bottom of the graduation list ”, reads the letter, seen by The Daily Star.

The chairman of the parliamentary committee, Abdullah Al Islam Jakob, could not be reached for comment. His personal secretary, Monjurul Hossain, said Jakob forwarded the letter to the ministry’s senior secretary for action.

Md Akhter Hossain, principal secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, said they had also received a letter from some officers alleging irregularities in the distribution of posts.

The ministry would demand an explanation from the department on the matter and take action accordingly, he said. “The current office is not a promotion. But according to the rules, such office must be given in accordance with the gradation list.”

He added that the ministry would send a proposal to the Civil Service Commission division to promote officers according to the appropriate list.

DG Azharul played down the allegations of irregularities.

“No money has changed hands,” he insisted, saying that some underperforming officers, who had taken out loans but had not paid, and those who had received a show cause notice. issued against them had not been taken into account for the new posts.

But several officials who did not get new posts said they performed their jobs without poor record. When brought to his attention, the CEO said: “As this is a political government, we have also kept political consideration in mind when granting promotions.

Asked about an officer who was the general secretary of a thana unit of the Pro-Awami League student body before joining the department, Azharul said, “The political issue was not that serious. an office. “

When asked if the replacement of 70 people was normal, he dodged the question and said those who were suitable but had not secured positions would be considered for new positions in the future, subject to the availability of vacant positions.

When asked why the list of candidates had not been respected, he replied that it was not a promotion. The adjustment list was not followed as it was a “current load” case.

Private officers alleged that Md Mokhlesur Rahman, deputy director (administrator) of DYD, who signed the promotion order, played a key role in “offering the posts in exchange for bribes”.

Mokhlesur dismissed this as “absolutely false”, and said that the positions currently in charge do not need to comply with the graduation list.

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