Pipistrel founder donates $37 million to local government

Pipistrel’s two majority owners, founder Ivo Boscarol and his daughter Taja, donated 25 million euros (A$37 million) to the Slovenian municipality of Ajdovščina after selling the company to Textron Aviation in March .

Twenty million euros have been set aside for the construction of a health clinic and infrastructure for multi-purpose helicopter service at the new logistics center at Ajdovščina airport, four million euros will be spent on the construction of an aviation history museum with a science center in Ajdovščina, and one million euros will go to landscaping projects.

Upon accepting the donation, the Mayor of Ajdovščina, Tadej Beočanin, announced that the municipality will work closely with the Boscarols and do its best to implement the defined projects for the benefit of the whole community.

Ivo Boscarol praised the fact that the municipality had approached the projects “quickly and diligently”, and announced that he and Taja would continue to fight for the development of the local community.

Since the sale of Pipistrel to Textron, Boscarol has created a new company Boscarol doo and plans to invest in real estate, particularly in the construction of housing.

Boscarol established the company in 1989, initially flying prototypes after dark due to government restrictions in what was then Yugoslavia. Therefore, Boscarol named the company after the word pipistrellothe Italian word for bat.

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