Nancy Pelosi owns Jan. 6

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi impeached President Donald Trump in January for her own negligence. As protesters flocked to the nation’s capital for a day of protest – some peaceful, some not – the overlooked possibility of unrest over intelligence failure was even predicted by Capitol Hill parking guards.

“Due to the possibility of large-scale public demonstrations, access to Place du Capitole will be restricted,” read an email from the house’s parking team on the eve of the riot. “For the safety and security of staff on the House campus, we ask staff to seriously consider parking in the Cannon and Longworth House underground garages.”

But Pelosi and his Capitol Security team had no idea how to prepare for the possibility of unrest? Worse yet, reports show that the president’s office has deliberately left the Capitol vulnerable.

Four days after the riot, former Capitol Police chief Steven Sund, who resigned his post the next day, Recount According to the Washington Post, his request for preventive National Guard reinforcements by January 6 was rejected. Sun noted Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving, supervised by Pelosi, thought the deployment of the guard was a bad “lens” two days before the raid. Pelosi and the House Democrats had previously convicted the presence of federal troops in the nation’s capital to quell the violent crowds invading the city in the name of social justice.

In February, The Daily Caller cited three sources familiar with Irvin’s conversations with the House administration committee after the riot. The Sergeant-at-Arms said discussions with the lecturer’s staff were factors in his “decision-making mix.” The appellant’s sources have remained anonymous, “citing fear of cooling other witnesses on the way the security situation unfolded on January 6”.

“Pelosi’s office previously advised Irving that the National Guard should stay out of the Capitol, Irving reportedly told the house administrator,” The Daily Caller reported.

In a statement to the appellant at the time, Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff Drew Hammil denied that the president’s office had been “consulted or contacted regarding any National Guard request prior to January 6” .

“The president expects security professionals to make security decisions and [be] informed of these decisions, ”said Hammil.

Despite the Associated press and the Washington Post’s best efforts to interfere with the speaker, suddenly relieving him of his duties as a security oversight of Capitol Hill, the Jan.6 riot was a security breach owned by Pelosi. If the “lecturer trusts security professionals to make security decisions,” then why, as the police breach was unfolding, did Irving feel compelled to seek the lecturer’s approval for send the National Guard, like the New York Times reported? How could Pelosi also order the expansion close from the Capitol to visitors, citing the coronavirus, and install metal detectors in the bedroom of the House?

Pelosi’s failures, however, extend beyond the week of the riot itself.

In June, a bipartite Senate report documented the security failures of the Capitol that led to the Jan. 6 havoc on the hill, pointing to ill-trained and ill-equipped law enforcement agencies unable to cope with an assault on the complex. Throughout Pelosi’s last tenure as a speaker, the House Administration Committee held an audience on Capitol Hill security, held in the summer of 2019. Pelosi took no action on the issues raised during the hearing. Proactive leadership could have made January 6 go differently.

The new hoax is a cover-up

The House Select Committee’s ongoing investigation serves as much to protect Pelosi as it does to use government levers to punish political dissidents, even targeting the private records of individuals unrelated to the violence.

As the Senate concluded a bipartisan two-committee inquiry in the middle of the summer, Pelosi’s partisan inquiry, devoid of Republican nominations, continues to drag on. Pelosi excluded Reps Jim Banks, R-Ind., And Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, from the inquiry after the two members appointed by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy under House rules raised questions about the speaker’s failure to secure the Capitol.

On Monday, Pelosi select committee vice chair Liz Cheney of Wyoming presented a prime-time performance of reading out loud private messages sent to then White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows as the riot unfolded. Fox News figures, Cheney complained, begged Meadows to urge Trump to tell the rioters to go home. Despite being presented as an indictment of the White House’s guilt in the Capitol turmoil, the posts debunk the entire Democratic narrative of an administration complicit in the carnage.

it was already reported that White House advisers recommended Trump make a statement, which he did, which was later deleted from social media.

A subsequent report from The Federalist this week revealed that the messages read by California Representative Adam Schiff at the same hearing were falsified, nearly 12 months after House Democrats used fabricated evidence in their trial in dismissal in January. The mine of documents published this week, the subpoena from Meadows’ committees – again framed as an indictment of White House guilt – found the Chief of Staff made it clear that the National Guard was on standby .

“Sir. Meadows emailed an individual about the events of January 6 and said the National Guard would be present to ‘protect the pro Trump’ and many more would be available on standby,” wrote the select committee.

In other words, Trump’s White House was more concerned with maintaining public peace with a National Guard presence than Pelosi.

After the failed two impeachments, the collapse of the Kremlin collusion plot, and the botched Russian bounties scandal amplified by Cheney, the fabricated narrative in which Trump deliberately mounted an “insurgency” on Capitol Hill to overthrow the 2020 election is become the latest hoax. Meanwhile, Pelosi’s committee continues to sit 14,000 hours footage he refuses to reveal to the public or share with Republican investigators appointed by Parliamentary Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to investigate security breaches under the President’s oversight.

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