Lies in national discourse poison local government



Recent report by NPC reporter Madison Arnold highlights negative and unnecessary effects to allow the spread of a politically motivated lie about “critical race theory” in the Santa Rosa County School District.

The Santa Rosa County School District does not teach Critical Race Theory. Local schools never taught critical race theory. And local teachers did not ask their students to study critical race theory.

But thanks to a cynical effort to fabricate an imaginary culture war by national and state politicians, some parents and taxpayers have been duped into believing that the obscure theory of law schools was being taught in Florida schools in order to ‘indoctrinate the children of Florida.

Loud and clear: it wasn’t.

Governor Ron Desantis speaks during his

We will not even analyze the many debunked misconceptions of academic theory. We also won’t delve into the obvious, age-old irony that the safest way for adults to encourage children to read, listen to, or watch something “subversive” is to try to ban it on the Internet. public place.

Instead, let’s just look at how these lies are harming our local communities.

Because this baseless paranoia was able to spread thanks to an alleged validation by elected officials under the guise of conservatism, local teachers now have to waste time and taxpayer money by undergoing new training to help them avoid raping. a Tallahassee law that was created to prohibit something that never existed in the first place.

True conservatives should be dismayed at the overbreadth of state lawmakers interfering with local teachers like those in Santa Rosa. The district has long been one of the top performers in the entire state of Florida with award-winning schools that have been the pride of thousands of parents and students for many years. Why would such a prosperous school district need the dictates of Tallahassee politicians?

As most parents in Santa Rosa know, this is not the case.

And Santa Rosa taxpayers should condemn cowardly lawmakers and politicians who have helped a baseless political lie to infringe on the autonomy and dignity of local educators. It is inexcusable that professionally trained teachers in Florida are now forced to censor the way they teach history, science or civics simply because the governor has a habit of spreading fear to further his political ambitions. .

Schools in Escambia County also do not teach Critical Race Theory, and as Arnold reported, all of the programs and materials used by these public schools come from a state-approved list. So unless the state itself promoted Critical Race Theory under the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis, there was never any way the subject was ever taught in schools in the first place.

But hey, let’s not let the facts and the reality spoil a good witch hunt.

The artificial controversy over the so-called Critical Race Theory is just the latest hyperbolic cultural war encouraged by the governor and his submissive supporters who have proven they prefer to stir up drama and nonsense rather than make a real work to help the citizens they are meant to represent.

Fight Critical Race Theory! (But forget the fact that it never existed in Florida schools.)

Ban transgender high school athletes! (But ignore the fact that no school in Florida has even had to tackle the problem.)

Pursue Social Media Businesses! (But don’t worry that these are private companies and that a Florida law created to control them was just overturned by the court for unconstitutionality.)

Meanwhile, Florida is in real trouble.

Citizens have just witnessed the appalling collapse of a condominium in South Florida that left dozens dead and more than 100 people missing in the rubble. Hurricane season is in full swing, with Tropical Storm Elsa just inflicting the first damaging blows of the year on our state. And a new COVID variant combined with lackluster participation in vaccinations is creating new outbreaks of infections across Florida.

Ask yourself why elected officials aren’t as concerned and proactive about the many tangible struggles Florida faces as they are about the fanciful controversies they poke fun at on a day-to-day basis.

Whatever your political party, the nonsense must stop. The fears and lies propagated by national and state officials reverberate at the local level with absurd regularity. Santa Rosa has seen disinformation manifest in endless county committee meetings where misguided speakers shout threats to their constitutional rights and school board meetings where bigotry and ignorance have been openly shouted out loud.

These issues are not the responsibility of local government. These are not discussions of zoning codes, development issues, environmental protection, or student safety. It is not a question of vigilance on local tax expenditures or public contracts.

This is madness.

We urge average citizens to speak out and take control of the speech. One cannot count on too many thoughtless elected officials to have the courage and conviction to speak simple truths in the face of fear and paranoia when it serves the interests of powerful politicians. Taxpayers have a common and civic duty to resist untruths.

There is no critical race theory taught in our public schools. There never was.

Your members of Congress, senators, governors and anyone who told you otherwise was lying.

Talk, people. Simple truths deserve a strong defense. Don’t let the dishonesty that has gripped our national discourse poison our local communities.


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