Lieberman challenges Phelps in Spotsylvania Lee Hill District School Board race | Local News


Lieberman also said he supported the referendum on school bonds in the polls in Spotsylvania this year.

“This is how we repair roofs and add classrooms to existing buildings to support the growth already approved by the supervisory board,” he said.

“If the referendum is not approved,” he said, “we will still have to borrow the funds for these improvements, but the interest rate we will pay would be much higher, costing the taxpayers more. . This referendum is the cheapest route.

Phelps said she supported putting the referendum on the ballot and that it would be a “question for the voters to decide.”

Campaign fundraising reports filed through August 31 show that the Phelps campaign received the largest dollar amount from Mary Jane and Alfred King, who donated a total of $ 1,350. Al King was the former chairman of the Republican committee of Spotsylvania.

His campaign also received $ 200 and $ 500, respectively, from supervisors Tim McLaughlin and David Ross. At a supervisory board meeting on August 25, McLaughlin said he would like to present a resolution in favor of a voucher program that would give parents the choice of school. At the same meeting, Ross also said he was in favor of more private school options for the county’s students.

Phelps did not say if she supported this position. She said none of her donors put conditions on the money they donated.

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