Joe Biden administrator leaving migrants to fend for themselves, Texas government says on current crisis


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sparked new controversy on Sunday after telling Fox News that the Biden administration had abandoned migrants to their fate. He said US President Joe Biden had failed to resolve the migrant crisis which resulted in a large influx of illegal migrants gathered at the southern border. In an exclusive interview with Fox News, he said the overwhelming border patrol officials were also causing a major political headache for the Biden administration. “The Biden administration has” completely abandoned “ranchers, residents of its state and” everyone who lives on the border, “arguing that President Joe Biden” puts them at risk, “Abbott told Fox News.

“Trump’s approach reduced border crossing”: Governor of Texas

The governor blamed the migrant crisis on Biden’s “catastrophic border opening policies”. Moreover, during the interview with Fox News, he pointed out that these people had traditionally voted Democrats, and now the Biden administration has completely ignored them.
Reinforcing measures taken by former US President Donald Trump, Abbott added that his approach reduced border crossing a year ago. “But now we are seeing the highest number of crossings and it is all due to the catastrophic policies of the Biden administration to open the borders,” Sputnik news agency quoted the governor of Texas as saying.

US closes Del Rio port of entry along Texas-Mexico border to handle influx of migrants

He went on to say that the migrant crisis has become more aggressive compared to the previous government. It should be mentioned that the Biden administration announced in September the closure of the Del Rio port of entry along the Texas-Mexico border in order to deal with the massive influx of migrants. According to US Customs and Border Protection, the move was taken after large numbers of migrant workers were seen crossing the border. The border protection agency has informed that current trafficking has been rerouted to another entry point in response to urgent security needs presented by the influx of migrants to the region.

US Customs and Border Protection today announced that the Del Rio Port of Entry Field Operations (OFO) office will temporarily close and redirect traffic from Del Rio to Eagle Pass to handle more resource efficiently and ensure an uninterrupted flow of trade and travel, “the official statement said.

Image: AP

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