J&K Terrorist Ecosystem at Last Breath: Devender Singh Rana

Senior BJP official Devender Singh Rana said today that Jammu and Kashmir in general and the valley in particular are on the path to recovery, peace and normalcy due to pro-people policies and pro-development Center, proactively pursued and implemented by the UT administration, despite targeted attacks by desperate terrorists, who are on the run for their lives as a result of anti-terrorist operations supported by the valiant security forces with the active cooperation of the public. “Pakistani-sponsored terrorists, backed by a select few sympathizers including irrelevant and disgruntled political actors are doomed in their machinations in the face of the strong resentment of the people and the resolute strategy of the forces,” Mr. Rana welcoming Choudhary Showkat, who leads an NGO Saaf Suthra Movement within the BJP during a function held at Panchayat Chibba.

Saying that the terror ecosystem was on the verge of death, Mr. Rana said the zero tolerance strategy for terrorism is yielding positive results as terrorists find their space increasingly restricted. Terrorism has unnerved the entire ecosystem, especially vested interests, which have based their politics on corpses and have unfortunately benefited from the cult of terror. People are enjoying the rapidly improving situation with rock scrapes and the culture of closures becoming a nightmare of the past. Economic activities have increased and tourism is resuming to the delight of the general population and those dealing with the tourism trade in particular, he said, referring to advance bookings and at one hundred percent occupancy in hotels and lodges. This has raised hopes among stakeholders as well as various segments of society directly or indirectly associated with trade and tourism, he said, asking how can this scenario be acceptable to those who believe in the boiling Kashmir to advance their political agenda which is why they are challenging the parameters of normality with barbaric acts of terrorist incidents which have claimed the lives of innocent civilians in recent weeks causing shock and heartbreak in all the countries.

Mr. Rana expressed his confidence that the people will continue to support the initiatives of announcing peace and normality in J&K, which is imperative for the comprehensive development of all regions and sub-regions, regardless of caste, of creed and religion, in accordance with the Prime Minister’s cherished programme. Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is looking for Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas. He said peaceful Jammu and Kashmir would also lead to massive investment, a key to growth and job creation. The BJP leader warned the people against myopic political leaders, who are quick to sacrifice the public interest for personal gain to stay relevant in politics. He said the normalized J&K is against their plan of things and their political maneuverings which have brought them closer to the corridors of power by indulging in deceit, deceit and doublespeak. where fair opportunities are available to all, without discrimination or appeasement to anyone,” he said, adding that people in this part of the country also have the right to grow and be part of the growth story. from the country. Mr. Devender Rana welcomed the new participants and hopes that with their joining the BJP, they will be further strengthened at the grassroots level. Noor Shah, Rafiq Ahmed, Nazira Begum, Noor Mohd, Sanjay Sharma and others

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