Jammu and Kashmir administration turns Covid into political virus, allows selective politicians to hold rallies


The government on Sunday authorized the National Conference to hold a rally in southern Kashmir which a large number of people attended. Party vice president Omar Abdullah addressed the rally. The government of Jammu and Kashmir has not allowed the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to hold a youth convention citing the Covid-19 protocol. At the same time, the Peoples’ Conference declared that it was not allowed to hold rallies and conventions in the Kupwara area, the party’s stronghold.

The PDP was set to hold a youth convention at Mehbooba Mufti’s Fairview Residence in Gupkar on Sunday morning. However, an hour before the youth convention, the government issued orders saying that “Covid-19 restrictions are in place and it is hereby ordered that the youth conference planned by the PDP in Gupkar not be allowed. “. The government has ordered the station official in the region to ensure that such an event does not take place in his area.

Mehbooba Mufti accused the government led by Manoj Sinha of sabotaging democracy in the region and pushing young people into despair and despair. Moving around the empty chairs where youth workers from her party were supposed to sit during the youth convention, she said, the government is deliberately keeping young people away from such events and thus pushing them into violence so that ‘it becomes easy for the government to torture and beat them. “This is what they have been doing for three years. Young people feel suffocated because they have been confined to their homes. They want to go out but the government will not allow them to do so, ”she said. “Today, thousands of young people were to arrive here. They wanted to have a conversation. They wanted to talk and they wanted to talk. But the government doesn’t want them to have this conversation, ”she said. “I am proud of these young people. The government is not afraid of me. He is afraid of them. You (the young people) must continue on your path and continue your peaceful struggle in a democratic way, ”she added. She said Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently spoke to US President Joe Biden about the greatness of Indian democracy, but in Jammu and Kashmir, democracy and democratic standards are being trampled on. “We stopped for meetings with an apology from Covid. And there are leaders who travel everywhere to reach people, but we are not, ”she added. “Why is PDP shut down? Why am I not allowed to meet you (young people), “she said.

She said J & K’s resources were being usurped and the executives were behaving like thieves.

Peoples Conference General Secretary Imran Reza Ansari accused Kupwara’s deputy commissioner of not allowing the party to hold a rally in the area and said the official was acting as the chairman of the Mohalla National Conference. “We have asked him on several occasions (in DC) for permission to organize workers’ meetings in the area. The district development council of the region is headed by the PC. We have MPs from the region and we got more votes from the region than any other party and yet we are not allowed to organize an event there, ”Ansari said. He said sometimes the Peoples’ Conference is denied permission for security reasons and sometimes the Covid-19 protocols are cited as the reason. “We want to ask how other parties get permission to hold rallies,” Ansari said, asking J&K Governor Manoj Sinha to intervene in the case. He accused Deputy Commissioner Kupwara of behaving like a worker of the National Conference.

The government spokesperson did not specify any criteria on how he allows certain parties to hold rallies and denies permission to others citing Covid-19.


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