James Judge, disqualified in CD 14, blames Election Division error

Republican candidate for Congress james judge was disqualified after filing the wrong documents with the Elections Division.

But the judge said it was the state’s mistake that he was kicked out of the ballot and he will fight the ruling.

“We tried to do everything right, and got our paperwork first, well before the deadline, to make sure that if a mistake was made, we would have time to fix it before the deadline,” Judge said. . “Instead, the state reported that I had properly completed the paperwork accepting and qualifying my candidacy.”

Political Advisor Pierre Graves said the campaign plans to appeal the state’s decision in court.

The Division determined that the judge filed a partisan candidate oath as part of his qualifying paperwork on June 15, but used a state and local candidate form instead of one for federal office applicants.

The judge’s campaign argues that the state should not have accepted the documents, which were handed over more than 48 hours before the end of qualifying week, and should have given him the option of a simple cure by filing a federal candidate oath.

The judge had filed to challenge the U.S. Representative. Catherine Beavera Democrat from Tampa, Florida’s 14th congressional district.

Flipping the Democratic-held district seemed like an uphill battle after a new congress map signed by the governor Ron DeSantis moved the district to cover downtown Tampa and St. Petersburg. About 58.8% of voters under the new lines supported the Democrat Joe Biden in the last presidential election against 39.7% who voted for the Republicans donald trump.

Still, Judge had counted a few prominent mentions in the race, including that of the former U.S. Representative. Ted Yoho. He had also raised the most money among Republicans in the race at the end of the first quarter of 2022. After declaring more than $122,000 in donations, he had almost $75,000 in cash at the end of the month. Of March.

The Coast Guard veteran had entered the race in January before new lines create a blue shift in the composition of the neighborhood.

The eviction of the contest judge leaves Jerry Torres and Sam Nashagh vying for the GOP nomination. Castor also faces a Democratic primary challenge from Christopher Bradley.

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