How Oyo Governor Makinde robs us of local government funds, lied against us – Councilors

Some aggrieved local lawmakers in Oyo state have accused the state governor, Seyi Makinde, of lying that they received N300,000 as monthly salary when he only paid them N120,000 .

Councilors also said they had not received their constituency allowances to support their people locally.

SaharaReporters learned that the allegations were made by lawmakers on their WhatsApp group with around 360 members.

A lawmaker representing Ward 9 in the state’s Surulere local government area, who identified himself simply as Omikunle, said the governor refused to pay them their dues and at one point said he there was enough money in the coffers of the local government areas of the state.

He said, “Hon. Kayode, let’s be very honest with ourselves, we don’t know how the governor handles governance affairs in the state, especially at the local government level. Let me tell the truth, I was a smuggler and had clients in every state in the southwestern states.

“If it wasn’t for the federal government closing the borders, I wouldn’t have contested the position of councilor in the state. The money we collected in a whole year since we were elected, I can get it in two trips. I have friends in all legislative branches of local governments in the Southwest. I used to ask about their well being in their respective state and they all blame Seyi Makinde for the way he treats us.

“Why is local government now bad in Oyo State? Our colleagues from other states were telling us that people said Seyi was rich even before he became governor. Some of us have said that the last administration misappropriated money. What money did they embezzle? Did you forget when we were fighting over the ALGON issue, Makinde openly said that outgoing local government executives were after the money in the council.

“He further said that he would not give them any money. I was the local government president’s secretary, and the governor told us at the time that we were going to get rich soon. He said we would be the ones spending the money. That was a year ago and where is the money today? I know of at least four councilors in Osun State. Their salary is N250,000 and after that they receive a monthly advance of N100,000. Oyetola also gave them N250,000 for their people in each ward. He also gave them 170,000 Naira for the celebration of Sallah now.

“Today, a year later, we remain an elected councillor. We bought the form at N350,000 and while that of the House of Assembly was N600,000. Please compare the kind of life we ​​live to that of a state dignitary. All the state councilors were ridiculed.

“We have been lying to our constituents since we came to office. But we’re glad they’re all aware that the governor is not doing well for us. They told us that they are aware that the governor is not doing well for us. They told us that since they had voted for Seyi, they had not seen him…

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