How Jim Acosta got his start in journalism


Jim acostaThe time to cover everything related to the White House was not without controversy. Following a heated exchange with Donald Trump, in which the then president called Acosta a “rude and terrible person,” the White House canceled Acosta’s press privileges without explanation (for The hill). His press privileges were later returned to him after CNN threatened to sue over the decision. Acosta underwent another passionate interaction with the Republican Party during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in February 2021. While speaking with someone, he was approached by conservative journalist David Marcus of The Federal who spoke to him. asked about CNN’s poor coverage of the Andrew Cuomo Controversy (by The american sun). Acosta avoided the questions somewhat, but ultimately said, “I know, but we’re covering this. We have to do this.”

After an exciting career spanning politics, CNN announced that Acosta would move up to a new pace, as CNN’s chief national correspondent with weekend anchor duties (per CNN). Acosta confirmed the promotion in a Tweeter, writing: “On to the next adventure! After eight years with WH, I take on a new role as weekend presenter and chief national correspondent for @CNN, a new challenge that excites me. WH colleagues. But I know they’ll be great to cover the administrator for Biden. See you soon! “

No matter where his career takes him, Jim Acosta is sure to maintain the dedication to journalism that has brought him to where he is today.


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