High school graduate speaker’s comments considered anti-gay

God’s Word and Laws Rejected

Thank you to the graduation speaker from River Valley High School (of Marion County) who had the courage to encourage graduates to obey the word of God and enter into heterosexual relationships in their lives. (Marion Star, June 3, “Early anti-gay speech sparks outrage”; June 4, “McGuire refuses to resign from DD board after anti-gay speech”; June 8, “River Valley does not apologize for anti-gay speech at graduation ceremony”)

After:” I felt like crying. River Valley alumni’s anti-gay keynote sparks outrage

I read the speech online. It didn’t hit the gays, it wasn’t rude or offensive. The man simply asked the graduates to put God first in their lives and urged the graduates to obey his word.

It becomes a matter of freedom of speech where religious freedom is also at stake. This man had the absolute right to express his personal views to the graduates, and the graduates and guests should have had the maturity to sit down and listen to his point of view.

After:Opinion: ‘Religious freedom’ should not justify intolerance

Jeff Koterba - Gas Prices and Midterm Conditions

It is becoming very sad and offensive in America that the word of God and the laws of God are rejected by an overly vocal minority, and that the majority of us cannot exercise our freedom of speech and freedom of religion for fear to offend loud and obnoxious special messages. interest groups.

Any act of disagreeing with wacky political correctness has suddenly become hate speech and cannot be tolerated by these heinous interest groups.

As Acts 5:29 says, “We ought to obey God rather than men.”

Ray Eichenberger, Reynoldsburg

Dave Granlund - January 6 Hearings

Tired of being tolerated

Good bye Ohio.

After 12 years, it’s time for us to break up. It’s clear that you don’t love me. You tolerate me. You are interested in my taxes, my disposable income and my complacency.

It’s become clear that you’re ashamed that I’m gay. You don’t want my black children to learn the truth about history. You would rather my daughter grow up believing that others can control the autonomy of her own body. And you want to force me to become an image of yourself. If I don’t worship like you, look like you, or believe in what you do, then I’m inferior.

After:Porteous: Ohio wants to erase me from my daughter’s mind, memory and class | Opinion

No amount of billboards placed across the country will bring people to Ohio. Your actions, your laws, and your blatant efforts to maintain illegal control of the state legislature are your truth.

Ohio has become a state where political signs are no longer just another show of support for a candidate, but identification of safe spaces for those being harassed or followed. You have become a state where my opinions are no longer considered worthy or valid, but used as reasons for showing aggression and intolerance.

And that’s why I’m leaving. I have the privilege of leaving when so many people don’t. And for years I have worked to help develop a welcoming and more tolerant Ohio. But I’m tired. And I will no longer tolerate being told that I am a precious member of the family when their fingers are crossed behind their backs.

I wish you luck, but I’m afraid you’re no longer in love with yourself and unable to commit to someone who is different from you. And I deserve better. We all do.

Andrew Kohn, Christopher Columbus

Letters to the Editor

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The local GOP lost its party but not its leadership

During his primary campaign for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate, Matt Dolan, a state senator from the Cleveland area, won Franklin County with a plurality of votes. Dolan was the only one of seven Republican candidates who did not support former President Donald Trump’s “big lie” that the 2020 election was stolen. Franklin County Republicans may have lost their party, but they haven’t lost their minds.

State Senator Matt Dolan (R-Chagrin Falls)

After:Donald Trump and his allies relaunch the Big Lie election. They could again incite violence.

On the other hand, I am disappointed that the Democratic Party of Franklin County and elected officials in Columbus have refused to allow the people of the city to have true district representation on the city council. In response to public pressure, elected officials put a plan to create nine constituencies to the ballot box in 2018.

Dave Granlund - January 6 Hearings

After:In black and white: What will be the impact of the new Columbus City Council wards?

Under the plan, city council candidates would have to reside in the districts they wish to represent, but the kicker is that they would be elected in a citywide ballot. In a heavily Democratic city, the result is that Democratic party officials would maintain tight control of local government and deny Republicans even nominal representation.

After:Columbus Council Approves Members’ District Map, $5.75 Million Police Settlement, and OSU Tax Incentive

In 2018, voters approved the only option available to them, but I suspect many people misunderstood that candidates from each district would be elected citywide. The election of city council members under this plan will begin in 2023.

The map that the city has proposed to divide the city council wards

Democracy is best served with competitive elections at the federal, state and local levels. Residents of each city council district should have the right to elect their own representative. If a few Republicans win council seats, we’ll likely have more debate and transparency in city government and maybe some new ideas. It might even inspire more people to vote and engage in civic life.

Stephen A. Sterrett, Christopher Columbus

Jeff Koterba - Gas Prices and Midterm Conditions

A former judge shows courage

Ronald Solove in his June 8 letter, “Gary Tyack lacks leadership,” called on prosecutor Gary Tyack to resign from his post. In taking this stance and response public, former Justice Ronald Solove displayed rare character and dignity.

After:Departure of Dozens of People from Franklin County District Attorney’s Office Raises ‘Brain Drain’ Concerns

It’s easier to growl in silence and it takes a real mensch like Ronald Solove to say out loud what he believes. Columbus needs more public figures like Judge Solove to show courage and honor.

Michael N. Oser, Christopher Columbus

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