Hats off to the Phillies

The Phillies took fans on a wild ride This year. While the team missed two games before winning the World Series, it was a exhilarating race who brought much-needed happiness to the city. For that we are grateful.

Much of the Philadelphia area was swept away in the turmoil. The playoffs provided a great diversion from the political divide, daily shootings, senseless war in Ukraine and other issues around the world. They also reminded us how much we have in common.

Fans from different ethnic, religious, economic and political backgrounds hugged and hugged in the stands after a Schwarbomb Where Harper’s home run. Others shared the moment while going about their day. The simple act of wearing a Phillies hat broke down barriers and sparked friendly conversations with strangers.

Admittedly, the supporters of the stadium were almost all white. Equally telling, the Phillies have no African American players on their team. But players from Panama, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela highlighted how immigrants can make a team – and a country – better.

The Phillies weren’t the only winning team in Philadelphia. The Eagles remain unbeaten. The Union had their own run in the playoffs before losing what has been described as the most thrilling MLS Cup football game in history.

It is often said that baseball is a metaphor for life. As in life, baseball has a long season with lots of ups and downs. Some days you get knocked down or thrown into a curve. Other days deserve only one. Then there are the home run moments.

Win or lose, every day offers a fresh start. The secret is to do your best and enjoy the moment. All good things come to an end, eventually.

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It was Phillies season. The team started with high hopes in the winter, after adding high-priced free agents. But April and May were the harshest months. In June, the team was floundering. Manager Joe Girardi got fired 51 games in the season.

Bench coach Rob Thomson, who had never been successful before, took over on an interim basis. The Phils reeled off eight consecutive wins and improved their record to 30-29. The team stayed hot for much of the summer, but struggled in September as there were echoes of the 1964 collapse.

The Phillies squeaked in the playoffs in the final week of the season, ending an 11-year playoff drought. Just making the playoffs seemed like a worthy accomplishment. Hardly anyone expected much more than that.

But as the players celebrated their place in the playoffs, the low-key Thomson put up a marker. He told the champagne-drenched team: “We still have 13 wins [to go]. So we are world champions.

It seemed like an unlikely obstacle. The Phillies have won only two World Series in 139 years and are the most losing team in professional sports. They were the underdogs of all series. Eliminating the Cardinals, Braves and Padres to get to the World Series, the momentum started to build and there was “Rock at the Bank”.

The Phillies added 11 playoff wins. In the end, similar to mighty caseyNick Castellanos flew. But there was still joy in mudville.

The Phillies lifted the city and showed what teamwork and courage is all about. It is up to us to learn the lessons from the field and put them into our season of life.

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