Government agencies and commercial team merger aim to create 1 million jobs


Several private sector groups and government agencies on Wednesday signed a manifesto establishing a partnership plan to generate 1 million jobs this year amid the pandemic.

Collaboration between the National Employment Recovery Strategy Task Force (NERS) and the Employers’ Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) aims to support the government’s employment recovery plan following the recent spike in unemployment .

“The project aims to immediately seek out Filipino talent to deploy in construction, manufacturing [particularly semiconductors and electronics], tourism and hospitality, and export industries, in a political environment that would help create jobs across the country, ”the manifesto reads.

Minister of Commerce and Industry (DTI) Secretary Ramon M. Lopez praised the partnership, saying it will help the country move forward towards recovery. “This is a big boost in our work in the NERS working group to bring back lost jobs and reinvigorate the labor market with increased economic activity,” he said.

As part of the partnership, the business sector is responsible for identifying job vacancies, seeking employment opportunities for skilled but unemployed people and organizing employment caravans.

Private sector groups should recommend proposals to improve the business environment to the NERS working group. This, in addition to providing assistance during post-employment caravan events, including the onboarding process, the vaccination process, and refresher or upgrading referrals.

The business sector is also responsible for “providing other support and monitoring mechanisms in the implementation of the project”.

The NERS working group, meanwhile, will facilitate coordination in securing vaccines for skilled workers and provide the profile of workers eligible to apply. He will also work with relevant stakeholders to organize career fairs.

The working group coordinates and assists the business sector, particularly with regard to improving job creation. It will work with local authorities on the provision of transport services to workers who will receive their vaccinations.

Government agencies are responsible for the continued implementation of the Telework Act and other measures promoting alternative working arrangements.

It is also the duty of the working group to provide training to unskilled employees for vacant positions.

Lopez, on behalf of the NERS working group, is committed to fulfilling his duties and responsibilities under the partnership.

“Through our efforts, we will provide the jobs and jobs our people need, not only to survive the current pandemic, but to thrive and gain a more comfortable and better quality of life in the post-pandemic future,” he added.

In addition to the DTI, government signatories include the Ministry of Labor and Employment, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of the Interior and Local Communities, the Ministry of Tourism and the Higher Education Commission.

The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Confederation of Philippine Exporters Inc., the Philippine Hotel and Restaurant Association, the Philippine Builders Association, the Philippine Hotel Owners Association Inc. and Semiconductor and Electronic Industries in the Philippines Inc. join ECOP for the private sector.

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