Golden Gate Express | Political Science Department Hosts Midterm Election Watch Party

About 40 SF State students and faculty gathered at the political science department to watch the national midterm elections over food and drinks.

Rebecca Eissler, an assistant professor at SF State who teaches the fundamentals of political science, was the host of the event at Tuesday’s party. She explained the importance of bringing students together after COVID-19, now that social distancing barriers have diminished.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to come back and have an opinion together,” Eissler said. “Television will not answer your question, we [the Political Science department] can help explain it and make it much more engaging than just watching the results happen.

Political science graduate student Leila Harara shared how the midterm election can change control of the House of Representatives.

“It’s a big election for us, it’s going to determine the rest of President Joe Biden’s election,” Harara said. “It will show us if we can get legislation passed before the 2024 presidential election.”

Graduate student Mara Nix also highlighted the diversity of this year’s Republican campaign.

“We’ve seen the most people of color and the most ethnically diverse Republican candidates running for office in terms of senators and congressmen,” Nix said. “This may be a precursor to new elections and we are really seeing a shift in American democracy here.”

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