Gambia: UDP cancels Bwiam meeting because nuclear power plant has been on for too long

The United Democratic Party (UDP), following the political campaign of the December 4 elections, canceled its meeting in Bwiam on Wednesday November 24, 2021 as planned by the Independent Electoral Commission (CEI).

Based on the IEC campaign schedule, NPP was supposed to be in Bwiam on the same day from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., while the UDP was to hold a meeting in the same village between 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. But upon arriving at the meeting place, the UDP campaign found the NPP on the ground, forcing the UDP to cancel its meeting in Bwiam.

Speaking to the press and UDP supporters, Karafa Sonko, UDP campaign manager, said: The CEI has expired.

Mr Sonko said: “We didn’t want any political problems and that’s why we had to peacefully cancel our meeting in Bwiam.

According to him, “every political party in this country has the right to operate as authorized by the CIS and for the fact that we don’t want any political problems with any party, we had a few minutes of discussion with our people in Bwiam before leaving. the meeting place.

“We UDP,” added Sonko, “are very much aware and aware that politics come and go but we all stay here as one people. PPP was once here but they left; APRC came and went but yet the people of Bwiam are still staying; so Adama Barrow has come and he will go. “

Alagie S. Darboe, UDP administrative secretary for her part, said “here in Bwiam there was a courtesy visit that we were supposed to have, but the welcome and respect that we received here by our supporters were overwhelming and I have to admit “.

“I want to stress that while Banjul is ready to make changes; whether Brikama is ready to make changes; if Basse is ready to make changes; whether Mansakonko is ready to make changes; if Kerewan is ready to make changes as well as Janjanbureh, then I think Bwiam should be at the forefront. “

He added that “based on the sign that the people of Bwiam showed today, we believe you are fully prepared to make the switch. We saw the great participation of young people from Bwiam today. You are the priority of UDP and I assure you. “

He added that the UDP government wants to make The Gambia a fully sovereign country. “We want to raise our security to a high standard; we want to make sure that The Gambia’s health sector is treated with the proper care and we want to make sure our agriculture is reorganized.”

The administrative secretary of the UDP added that “give your votes to the UDP; remove Adama Barrow from our state house; let’s make The Gambia the Gambia we want it to be. “

“I urge you to turn a deaf ear to empty political promises; if a government survives for 5 years and does nothing, that government should be removed and that is what we should all be doing on December 4th. “

In Senegal, he added, if a president is elected and does nothing, “they take you out at the ballot box. administrative. “

“We should not allow any president to deceive us; they were elected by us, the people, so if they are not doing good to the government, we should take them out uniformly. The Gambia is doing the same? ”He asked.

“I urge you all to avoid those who try to institute tribalism in us. A UDP government wants to see a very united Gambia. Whether it’s Fula; Manjago; Serahuleh; Jola; Sererr or Mandinka, we are all one and that ‘ is the main target, ”he concluded.

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