Determination of the subsidy for weight management services for children and families 2021 to 2022: N ° 31/5627


Local Government Act 2003 Section 31 Determination of Grant Reserved to Local Authorities for Child and Family Weight Management Services for 2021-2022: # 31/5627

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Minister of Prevention, Public Health and Primary Care (“the Minister of State”), in the exercise of the powers conferred by Article 31 of the Law on local administration of 2003, takes the following decision:


1) This determination can be cited as the “Child and Family Weight Management Services Grant Determination 2021-2022 [No 31/5627]’.

Purpose of the grant

2) The purpose of the grant is to support local authorities in England with expenses legally incurred or to be incurred by them.


3) The Minister of State determines as the authorities to which the subsidy is to be paid and the amount of the subsidy to be paid, the authorities and the amounts indicated in Annex A.

Grant conditions

4) Pursuant to Sections 31 (3) and 31 (4) of the Local Government Act 2003, the Minister of State decides that the grant will be paid subject to the conditions set out in Schedule B.

5) Before making this decision with regard to local authorities in England, the Minister of State obtained the consent of the Treasury.

Signed by the authority of the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Minister responsible for prevention, public health and primary care,

Marc Davies
Director – Population Health
Ministry of Health and Social Affairs

July 1, 2021

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