CONSUMER ALERT UPDATE: Attorney General James Urges ShrubBucket Customers to File Claims

ShrubBucket Bankruptcy Proceeding Extends Deadline for Consumers
file complaints
to secure reimbursement for undelivered services or products

NEW YORK – New York Attorney General Letitia James issued an updated consumer alert today, urging New York customers of online plant retailer ShrubBucket, who are owed money for undelivered services or products, to immediately file a claim in the company’s ongoing bankruptcy proceedings. ShrubBucket’s bankruptcy proceeding extended the time for consumers to file claims and set aside funds to reimburse affected consumers who file a priority claim. Consumers who have been defrauded by ShrubBucket are encouraged to file Priority Claims by February 18 for refunds.

“ShrubBucket has failed to provide its basic business services, but now consumers who have been defrauded have a chance to get their money back,” said Attorney General James. “I urge any consumer who has paid money to ShrubBucket but never received what they paid to file a claim immediately. My office will not let companies get away with defrauding New- Yorkers.

ShrubBucket – an Ithaca, New York-based internet company that sells plants, shrubs and trees – filed for bankruptcy on June 18, 2021, but continued to wrongfully accept consumer deposits until a week before that filing balance sheet. After receiving several complaints about the company’s practices, the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) opened an investigation. After reviewing ShrubBucket’s bankruptcy filing, OAG found that more than 2,000 consumers had made deposits in May 2021, but the company had never fulfilled orders or issued refunds.

Attorney General James issued a consumer alert in September, urging ShrubBucket consumers to file a complaint. With the extended delay in ShrubBucket’s bankruptcy proceedings, OAG is encouraging affected consumers to file a claim for their refund.

If consumers have already filed proofs of claim for products that were paid for and never received, then they should file an unsecured priority claim. Consumers who have already filed unsecured claims but have not filed a 507(a)(7) priority claim can change their filing. To amend an application, individuals will need to check the “yes” box in response to question number 4 and enter their application number (if known) to show that it is an amended application. In addition, they will also need to enter the amount of the claim in response to question number 7 and check “yes” in the second box (labeled “up to $3,025”) in response to question number 12 and enter the amount on this line. .

All Proofs of Claim should be completed and sent to: United States Bankruptcy Court, James M. Hanley Federal Building, 100 South Clinton Street, Room 315, PO Box 7008, Syracuse, NY 13261-7008.

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