Charanjit Singh Channi hits out at Majithia, calls allegations frivolous

Reacting strongly to the baseless and frivolous allegations leveled against him by SAD leader Bikram Majithia, Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi on Saturday challenged him to present even a single piece of evidence pointing to his involvement in sand mining across Punjab. “I have never denied my relationship with my nephew Bhupinder Singh Honey and being a relative he might be present at some of my functions. It is not a crime, if I am clicked with my relatives at my son’s wedding or other duties,” CM said while categorically denying any connection to Honey’s money laundering case being investigated by the Law Enforcement Branch campaign against him, CM Channi said that Majithia was dancing to the tunes of the BJP government and trying to get revenge on him for engaging him in an NDPS case as former Captain CM Amarinder Singh who is in cahoots with SAD-BJP covered up his sins.

Embracing Majithia, CM Channi said, “Let me remind Majithia that he was investigated by ED for his dealings with drug dealers and a drug kingpin named for harboring and facilitating drug trafficking. Majithia’s photos were with them, does that mean he knew them and harbored them? Bhola, Gurdeep Ranu, Satpre and Satta, with whom they usually shared political scenes and had also attended public functions with them. central agencies to take revenge on me after Prime Minister Modi’s fiasco and the opposition is now playing politics on the issue in Punjab,” CM said.

“As a CM I get clicks with thousands of people every day, does that mean I’m related to them?” he interviewed Majithia, who is a brother-in-law of SAD President Sukhbir Singh Badal and who is under investigation for running drug trafficking business and harboring drug dealers. Majithia who wrecked the future of Punjab’s youth during SAD-BJP governance for 10 years questioning his integrity is now fun, CM said. that he is associated with them. “They are all scared and annoyed of me for working selflessly for four months and spending public funds for people’s welfare, which they want to use to build their multi-crore empires,” Channi said.

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