Bankrupt Country: Fawad


PTI Senior Vice President Fawad Chaudhry on Monday claimed that the country’s economy was being deliberately bankrupted, reiterating that new elections should be held within 90 days.

Fawad, speaking to the media outside the Supreme Court, further said that the absence of a poll would be “obvious malice” on the part of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), adding that the election supervisor should always be prepared to take the country to the polls if necessary.

Blaming the coalition government for “dealing a blow” to the economy, the former information minister denied claims by PML-N that the new dispensation inherited Israel’s economic woes former ruling party.

“PTI had left the country’s economy in a stable state and added that the path the country was on was leading to economic disaster,” he said. Therefore, he added, elections were the only possible way to solve the problems.

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“It is foolish to repeat the same experience over and over again. Shehbaz should be sent to pack and elections should be held,” he said, saying the caretaker government would not be tolerated even one day beyond the 90-day period.

Fawad’s remarks came as the former ruling party flexes its muscles in the streets, drawing large numbers of supporters, to disrupt the PMLN-led coalition government and lead the country to a snap election. PTI Chairman Imran Khan is holding rallies across the country ahead of his latest ‘Azadi March’ to Islamabad.

Echoing the party leader, Fawad reiterated during his media address that the economic crisis was linked to the political crisis that was initially caused by the United States for “regime change”.

“Announce the elections today, sit down and solve Pakistan’s problems. The destruction of the economy is the result of the political crisis,” he added.

Asked about the potential arrest of PTI Chairman Imran Khan in connection with his election campaign against the government, Fawad scoffed and said it would be extremely ridiculous for Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah to take such a measure and finds itself in difficulty.

“Anyone who arrests Imran Khan will find it difficult to stay in Pakistan.”

Speaking about the PTI’s petition to the Supreme Court asking for a declaration that the demarcation schedule announced by the ECP was “illegal” and “unconstitutional”, Fawad pointed out that new demarcations could only take place after the new census. .

The ECP cannot proceed to new delimitations without the census, he added.

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