banerjee: Verbal duel with Guv Echos during the administration meeting | Kolkata News

Kolkata: The policy made its way into the administrative review meeting held at the Netaji Indoor Stadium when CM Mamata Banerjee amid his verbal battle with the Governor and BJP leaders wanted to know from Purba Midnapore SP whether the governor interfered in his work.
SP Amarnath K looked embarrassed as the CM said, “Are you getting any calls from the governor? Did he ask you to do this or not to do that? Are you scarred?”
The SP said it had not received any calls from the governor. “I know you won’t admit it. But feel free to do your assigned work. Tell me directly if you have any problem. You work for the state government, be careful,” Banerjee said, asking Amarnath how District Magistrate Purnendu Maji was doing his job.
The CM told the SP that it receives complaints from the district. “Some people are hired to spread communal tensions in the neighborhood. Some political leaders are behind this,” she said.
The policeman said he had already conducted an investigation.
Without naming BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari, Banerjee said, “Those who are doing all this do not belong to any community. They are neither Hindus, nor Muslims, nor Christians. I had to act when you couldn’t act on the alerts. I had to fire two people and have them arrested because they were creating trouble in the Haldia industry.
The CM also asked Barrackpore Police Commissioner Manoj Verma to seek the help of the STF and CID to find out who all were bringing in armed anti-socials from outside. When Verma said arrests had been made following the incidents, Banerjee said, “That’s just part A of the job. You have to discover it from A to Z, identify the people behind it all.
Barrackpore Police had made arrests following the bombing of Bhatpara territory of BJP MP Arjun Singh last month and clashes in the area on the anniversary of the Netaji’s birth on January 23.
Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar did not engage in a verbal duel this time. He uploaded a snapshot of the CM’s interaction with the Purba Midnapore SP on his Twitter account and gave a transcript of what the CM said to the SP.
Opposition leader Adhikari condemned Banerjee for asking a policeman to take calls from the governor. “The governor is the constitutional head … what’s the harm if the governor calls a state official,” he said.

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