Augustine was sworn in as the sixth chief secretary of the THA



THANKS: Newly sworn-in Chief Secretary Farley Augustine recognizes his supporters after being sworn in at the Legislative Assembly in Scarborough, Tobago on Thursday. He is accompanied by Councilor Tashia Burris. – Jeff K. Mayers

Farley Chavez Augustine was sworn in as the Sixth Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly.

Augustine, who is deputy political leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP), as well as political leader Watson Duke, led the team to a 14-1 victory on Monday night over PNM.

On Thursday, the new Assembly members were sworn in at the Magdalena Grand Golf and Beach Resort in Lowlands, Tobago.

The new members of the Assembly then met in the Legislature of the Assembly from 1 p.m., and there Abby Taylor was appointed and chosen as Speaker.

When members of the congregation arrived at the hall, supporters cheered, chanted and waved their hands as they rolled towards the precinct.

During the second session of the ceremony, four advisers – three chosen by the PDP and one by the PNM – were sworn in.

They are Orlando Kerr, former head of the TT Unified Teachers Association Tobago, Tashia Burris and Certica Williams.

Kelvon Morris, a member of the PNM assembly, was sworn in as minority leader with Petal Daniel-Benoit as adviser.

After taking the oath, Augustine shared a brief moment with the Prime Minister before leaving the room.

Speaking to the media after the event, Augustine said Dr Rowley told her he hoped they could work together in a cordial manner.

“He said that we would both be working in the best interests of the people of Tobago without any form of bias, any form of ill will or anything like that, and I think that was a great first step. . And given that I am now the chief secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly, I suspect that we will have the official appeals between the two parties. “

He told media he is still dealing with the changes that will occur in his life after taking on the job.

He mentioned the plan to form a post committee.

“The most important of them will be the Public Accounts Committee. You will recall that we have tried over the past four years to set it up and make it work.

“The public accounts committee is normally headed by either a minority leader or a minority member, and it didn’t start last time because the majority members refused to run. start there. “

It is also planned to create an anti-corruption office after carrying out an internal audit of the THA.

“I’m no longer interested in our just citing examples of corruption and turning it into political turmoil. I’m now interested in us fixing it. And now I say any member of my staff. team, which goes out of line.

“They will have to accept the consequences that come with that. And the good thing is that I have political leeway. I have 14 elected members, so anyone outside the box, I can separate that person politically from the executive.”

When asked what type of relationship he plans to have with the opposition, Augustine said he would work closely with the Leader of the Opposition to identify ways to improve the services provided to Tobagonians.

He said that funds will be made available to each constituency for community development, despite political affiliation.

On Friday Augustine will announce the appointment of nine secretaries for each division.

He said he would make slight adjustments to the divisions, but would continue in the direction set by former chief secretary Kelvin Charles.

“It is a difficult task, but I told the team before our victory to temper their expectations because the reality is that there are only nine authorized secretaries – chief secretary, deputy chief secretary and no more than seven more. And so the team understood before it got there that if we won 15 or won more than nine, it will become practically impossible to make every person a secretary, but we are a team.


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