Amir Muqam stresses promotion of regional languages

PESHAWAR: The Prime Minister’s Political and Public Affairs Advisor, National Heritage and Culture Division, Amir Muqam, on Wednesday stressed the need to promote regional languages ​​and literature for a well-informed, educated and well-informed society.

He said this during the inauguration of the newly constructed building of Provincial Office of Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) in Hayatabad.

The adviser said that regional languages, literature, culture and art define a nation’s identity and that the government has taken steps to promote them in order to create a well-informed, educated and well-informed society that may enjoy peace and prosperity.

Amir Muqam who is also Chairman of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chapter, said developed countries never forget heritage, art, culture and take pride in artists.

The adviser said that great Pashtun poets such as Rehman Baba, Khushal Khan Khattak, Amir Hamza Khan Shinwari, Dr. Azam Azam and Hafiz Alpuri promoted peace, brotherhood and interfaith harmony through their poetry and brought people together. people.

The Muqam ordered PAL officials to work on promoting regional languages, poetry and literature, including Pashto, Hindko and Saraiki, so that KP youths can learn about the languages, regional literature, art and culture.

The Assistant Prime Minister said that KP is home to Gandhara civilization with a great diversity of art, culture and languages ​​and PAL is needed to play a leading role in promoting it.

He urged poets and writers to showcase Pakistan, especially the rich culture of KP, not only to educate the people but also to promote tourism.

Congratulating the senior officers of his ministry and the PAL for the completion of the provincial office of the academy, he said that it was a gift from the federal government led by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz for the people of KP who, he hoped, would become a great center of learning.

During the second session of the inauguration, titled “75 Years of Pakistani and Pashto Literature in KP”, Amir Muqam unveiled a selection of books in different languages, including Urdu, Pashto and Hindko literature published by PAL.

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