Administrator Biden’s $33 billion aid proposal will benefit US entrepreneurs more than Ukraine: experts

US President Joe Biden’s proposal for an alternate defense and economic package worth $33 billion will benefit major US shareholders over Ukrainian forces fighting Russia, experts have analysed. Speaking to the Sputnik news agency, US Army veteran Colonel Douglas MacGregor said the most immediate impact of the proposed new aid package will “further enrich defense industries shareholders and the politicians who represent their interests in Washington DC”. He also suggested that the slices of defense shipped to Ukraine so far will have “at most” a modest effect on fighting the war in eastern Ukraine.

“The Russians know where the material will be stored and how it will be shipped east. As a result, much of it will be destroyed or end up in isolated warehouses hundreds of kilometers from the scene of the action,” the colonel said. McGregor, who is a former Trump administration adviser, historian and tactician, explained.

$33 billion could spread war across borders, expert says

Historian and political pundit Dan Lazare has also expressed concerns about the $33 billion draft economic and military aid proposal forwarded by the Biden administration for congressional approval. He feared the attribution indicated the war was shifting from a regional platform to an international conflict involving the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United States. “The more Biden throws fuel on the fire, the more the war is likely to spread beyond its original borders,” Lazare told Sputnik. Speaking about the series of explosions in Moldova, he added: “If the state somehow dragged itself due to these mysterious explosions in Transnistria, then all bets are off as to what comes next.”

Lazare pointed out that if the war escaped the hands of potential borders, NATO would be forced to plunge into it, thus leading to “madness”. He compared the situation to 1914 “only this time with nuclear weapons…this madness, needless to say”, he added. Lazare further criticized US diplomats for their anti-Russian “crusade”, accusing them of triggering Putin. “Words have consequences. Years of Kremlin bashing have finally led to a real European war raging out of control,” he snubbed.

Biden has proposed an additional $33 billion for Ukraine

As the Russian war escalated in Ukraine, the Biden administration on Friday offered a massive $33 billion package on top of the $3.5 billion previously allocated in March this year. The request for Congressional approval came amid a report showing a sharp decline in US GDP, at a rate of 1.4%. The downward chart is believed to be due to supply chain bottlenecks. Despite the slug, Biden said “expanding the battle isn’t cheap but it’s important to fight Russian aggression. If we leave Ukraine, it will cost more.” The comprehensive legislative package proposal should bolster US authority to hold Russia and Russian oligarchs accountable for Putin’s war on Ukraine, the White House said in a Twitter post.

(Picture: AP)

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