Op-Ed: Bhalla administrator has regularly “abused and abused his authority” and should not be rewarded


In an editorial, Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein explains why he believes that the administration of Hoboken mayor Ravi Bhalla has regularly “abused and abused their authority” and therefore should not be rewarded on election day.

Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein. Facebook photo.

That the Bhalla administration and team have abused and abused its authority for four long years is no surprise as since its inception it has been rooted in moral corruption.

While some argue otherwise, Team Bhalla’s failures are post-partisan. Their betrayal of public trust goes beyond the binaries of the left and the right or the Democrats and Republicans.

Since Bhalla was elected mayor four years ago following a racist leaflet that portrayed his main opponent for mayor at the time (town councilor DeFusco) as a fanatic, the political enterprise known as Team Bhalla’s name has been a post-ethical cesspool.

Bhalla and his team’s reluctance to join DeFusco in jointly condemning the leaflet that intentionally made DeFusco look xenophobic should have predicted the divisive politics that would follow.

Even setting aside the long-established qui bono principle (that whoever benefited from it had a motive) regarding the leaflet that allowed Bhalla to cross the mayor’s finish line in the role of victim, moral faults abound in the Bhalla team.

From their cartoonish chest hitting Bhalla’s Zero Vision program to eliminate vehicle deaths in perpetuity (which is both unenforceable and impossible) to his mortgage of Hoboken’s future by swiping the credit card over so many expenses; from mismanagement that results in parks costing over $ 100 million to lack of traffic control for cyclists crossing stop signs and red lights (and squeezing between the sidewalk and the street) with impunity and more; Bhalla and his political minions who come under him for advice have been an absolute disaster.

Of course, this is not to mention the perennial issues that transcend administration and council, but which Bhalla and his minions have made worse or simply overlooked – using the parking authority to pump up the municipal budget, flooding during regular rains and the ever increasing cost. of life driven in part by the hidden taxes that they like to implement.

But on the subject of moral corruption, let’s remember that it was the Bhalla administration and its council supporters who thought that requiring a developer to donate to their nonprofit. choice in exchange for changing the redevelopment plan for the area was acceptable.

Thankfully, a judge rightly pointed out that the Bhalla team’s deal was a “blatant quid pro quo” that “would create an unacceptable possibility of abuse and fraud”.

Recall that it was the Bhalla team that did not once budget or set aside the $ 2 million per year maintenance fee for the Hurricane Flood Prevention Project Rebuild By Design for which there are no state or federal funds.

Lest we forget, Team Bhalla never said a word about Mayor Bhalla’s second job when Hoboken Mayor should be a full time job.

We must also not forget who perpetuated the war on cars, putting the wants of some people ahead of the needs of others and hurting residents who need a car to work or to drive the elderly or young. family members.

It’s Team Bhalla that eliminates parking spaces with bike racks, such as in front of City Hall, which could easily be on wide sidewalks.

It was Bhalla, with the support of his team, who abused the Nixle emergency alert system to send bulk text messages in what was de facto a campaign using taxpayer money.

It was the Bhalla team that slowed down city services by keeping City Hall only theoretically open even after nearly all city employees had been vaccinated and all other facets of the company learned to adapt to the time of Covid.

It was Bhalla and his loyal politicians who tried to institute an illegal curfew prohibiting anyone from going out between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. earlier during Covid before being forced to back down on the illegal statement for which they did not. ‘had no authority.

Finally, let’s not forget that it was Team Bhalla who proposed to a current municipal councilor, elected four years ago with her opposition, a position at the head of a new municipal division created just for her.

Many understand that this is a violation of state law and assume it is a buyout, but even in the best of circumstances, simply give the appearance of buying a candidate opposition potential is a horrible precedent for those interested in good governance.

For these reasons (and many more), both political failures and moral corruption, the people of Hoboken should not vote for Team Bhalla in this election.

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