Nadda to travel to West Bengal to review BJP political roadmap to counter Trinamool Congress


BJP National President Jagat Prakash Nadda will likely travel to West Bengal once the Election Commission (EC) completes the new / revised / final voters lists on January 5 and after making some changes to the leadership of the State.

Although Nadda’s final travel itinerary is not yet finalized, he will most likely travel to Bengal after the publication of the revised electoral lists by the EC. Party sources said Nadda will travel to Bengal to discuss “panna pramukhs” (responsible for a voters list page) and the party’s political roadmap to counter the Trinamool Congress in the state.

The visit of the national president of the BJP could be seen as the party’s attempt to bounce back from the voting booth after the poll debacle in the recent state assembly elections. This is the reason why he is likely to travel to Bengal once the electoral list has been finalized by the EC.

“After the revised voters list, it will be easier for Naddaji and the leaders to discuss strategies to strengthen 1,01916 booths (including auxiliary booths) in the state,” said a senior BJP deputy.

After the debacle of the West Bengal Assembly ballot, the state BJP is going through a difficult period as the party sees a large number of party leaders, MPs and workers change sides and move towards the ruling TMC .

Speaking to, BJP MP and National Vice President Dilip Ghosh said: “Yes, our national party chairman Jagat Prakash Naddaji is scheduled to visit West Bengal once the voters lists are revised. The exact date has not yet been determined.

He said: “Before his visit to West Bengal, the structural changes in the leadership of the state will be completed. His visit will certainly boost the morale of our ‘karyakartas’ (workers). During his visit, we will collectively decide on the party’s strategies and the state’s upcoming roadmap.

At the recent BJP executive meeting in the nation’s capital, Nadda, while giving priority to strengthening booths through “panna pramukhs” and condemning political violence in West Bengal, said: “Our political struggle in Bengal will continue and we are not going to sit down until we do justice to the democratically party workers who lost their lives in Bengal. I believe the lotus will certainly bloom in the state.

Ghosh, however, could not confirm whether Nadda will visit Bengal before or after the municipal elections scheduled for December-January (the final date has yet to be finalized).

The state BJP demanded that all pending civic ballots be held concurrently and not selectively at the convenience of the TMC. BJP leaders see it as a ploy and claim that the TMC’s decision was prompted by the opposition party’s failure to secure a single MP seat in these three regions (Kolkata, Howrah and Bidhannagar) and Trinamool wants to take advantage of the favorable political situation.

During this time, the EC will organize special registration camps at each stand between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on November 13, 12, 20, 21, 27 and 28. The electoral body has asked all eligible people to register if their names are not on the voters list or have been removed from the list. Such a similar camp was recently organized by the EC on November 7th.

The BJP state has asked the electoral body to make the list available to political parties for verification.

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