‘Morning Joe’ tears up former Trump officials over revealing post-White House books: ‘Too late’


Wednesday’s “Morning Joe” panelists shredded former Trump White House officials, like former aide Stephanie Grisham, for using books to talk about former President Donald Trump after their jobs instead of ” use their positions in administration to effect meaningful change.

“This book says a lot about what was going on inside the White House at the time, but the frustration that many of us feel is that many of these people were seeing these things unfold in real time but have waited after to write a book, ”said co-host Mika Brzezinski after discussing some of the many juicy treats from former White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham.

Guest Katty Kay added: “The Trump administration was full of people who could have called the president in real time for cases like this, for areas of national security, frankly, when he called Vladimir Putin “one way and pretended he was treating him another way. They failed to do that. It obviously wasn’t an administration full of brave profiles.”

Kay continued, “Now there’s Stephanie Grisham making money with a book when it’s too late to make an impact, to say he said something else when in reality he meant something else. . It would have been much braver of her, obviously – not just courageous for her, but useful for the state of the country and the health of the country – if she called him in real time.

Co-host Willie Geist reminded viewers that Grisham, unlike others who left Trump’s orbit to become writers, was affiliated with Trump early in his political rise. She played a key role in the press during her 2016 campaign, then spent almost all of her four years in various positions in the White House before resigning on the night of the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill. .

White House Associated Press reporter Jonathan Lemire pointed out that Grisham’s book, like its predecessors, could be about reputational salvage, CV-boosting, or personal fundraising, but it is particularly remarkable given its proximity to the former president and first lady. His reasoning could also be “a bad conscience,” he suggested.

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