Local electricity supplier and offshore wind developers welcome new state law – CalCCA


Local electricity supplier and offshore wind developers welcome new state law

Eureka, California – September 24, 2021 – New legislation just enacted Thursday by Governor Gavin Newsom will significantly advance the development of an offshore wind industry on the west coast, particularly in Humboldt County, according to developers of a proposed local project and the region’s Community Choice Aggregator (CCA). ).

The legislation, AB 525, which was passed near-unanimously by the California legislature earlier this month, directs California state agencies to develop a strategic plan to facilitate large-scale offshore wind development. over the next two decades.

California law states that, by 2045, 100% of the electricity consumed in California must come from carbon-free sources. A study has suggested that offshore wind has the potential to generate electricity up to 150% of California’s electricity consumption in 2019. In addition, offshore wind is the perfect complement to solar generation. in California, as the ocean winds pick up in the early evening as the sun begins to set.

“This new law shows that California is now fully committed to developing an offshore wind industry capable of creating local jobs, moving towards a carbon-free power system and dealing with the threat of climate change,” said Tyler Studds, CEO of Redwood Coast. Offshore Wind (ROW).

ROW is a 50-50 joint venture between two international offshore wind developers, Ocean Winds and Aker Offshore Wind, in partnership with the Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA). RCEA is a CCA formed by nine local government entities with a mandate to provide clean, renewable electricity to electricity customers in Humboldt County.

Earlier this year, Newsom and the Biden administration announced that they plan to hold an auction in 2022 for leases off the Humboldt Coast and the Central Coast near Morro Bay. These areas combined could produce 4.6 GW of offshore wind power and power 1.6 million California homes.

“This legislation and the support it has received underscores the wisdom of the RCEA in committing early to work on the responsible development of our local offshore wind resource,” said Matthew Marshall, RCEA Executive Director. “We take a community approach to develop the Humboldt County offshore wind resource that prioritizes community values, environmental protection and developing strategies to avoid or mitigate impacts on the fishing community and tribes. local communities, while creating jobs and economic development. ROW has already actively engaged a multitude of local actors, including fisheries, labor and tribal governments to understand their concerns and explore solutions.

The deployment of wind turbines at sea, where they will be placed on floating platforms so that they can operate in deep water, will require significant investments and upgrades from the port of Humboldt Bay that may also benefit other port users. Once the port is modernized and as the industry grows, other parts of the offshore wind supply chain could locate facilities in Humboldt County and elsewhere in California. In July, the Port and Recreation District of Humboldt Bay applied for a grant from the US Department of Transportation’s Port Infrastructure Development Program to fund the development of an offshore wind and cargo transport marine terminal. Lourdes at Humboldt Bay.

“This law provides much-needed certainty about the future of offshore wind in California and will spur significant upgrades to port and grid infrastructure,” said Jonah Margulis, senior vice president of US operations for Aker Offshore Wind . “We look forward to creating a strong and sustainable offshore wind industry in Northern California that will provide the community with reliable, clean energy and well-paying jobs for decades to come. “


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