Barishal AL, administrator at loggerheads


The violent incident in the town of Barishal on Wednesday evening left the local administration and leaders of the town’s Awami League at loggerheads as police arrested at least 22 people, including a city councilor, on Saturday night in the city. part of the cases filed during the attack last night. on the residence of the officer Barishal sadar upazila nirbahi.

Police and the Rapid Action Battalion continued to arrest suspects named in the two cases filed with the Kotwali police station, charging a total of 122 leaders and activists of the Awami League and its associated organs, as well as 500 other anonymous people.

“We are making arrests on the basis of the names mentioned in the cases and checking them against CCTV footage and information gathered from other arrested suspects,” Barishal Metropolitan Police Additional Commissioner Enamul said on Saturday. Hack.

On Thursday evening, the Bangladesh Administrative Services Association, in a press release, condemned the attack on the UN residence Munibur Rahman and called for the arrest of the city’s mayor and the secretary general of the unit of the city of Barishal, Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah.

The mayor was made the main accused in the two cases filed on the attack.

Speaking to a press conference in Barishal on Saturday, the mayor said he was the victim of a “conspiracy” and called for an independent investigation into the attack.

“I will leave the party post, if necessary, but I will not tolerate any damage to my party,” he said, adding that party chairman and prime minister Sheikh Hasina could take action against him if he does something wrong.

The mayor urged the police not to harass party activists and city employees.

He also asked the employees of the city company to join in their work.

Mayor Sadiq is the son of Abul Hasnat Abdullah, a senior political and parliamentary official of the LA with ministerial status.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, founding president of Bangladesh and father of current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, is Abul Hasnat Abdullah’s maternal uncle.

City corporation employees have stopped sweeping roads and collecting trash since the cases were filed by the police and the UN, causing great suffering to townspeople.

In support of the protest against the complaints filed by the UN and the police, the mayors of 10 municipalities in the Barishal district, at a press conference in the city, said there was no reason to deploying paramilitary Bangladeshi border guards to the city, adding that this is “excess.”

On Wednesday evening, hundreds of activists from the Barishal District Unit of the Bangladesh Chhatra League, the ruling party’s student front, reportedly attacked the residence of the government official.

Ten platoons of BGB soldiers, which had been deployed by the district administration in the aftermath of the incident, remained in neighboring districts as ruling party leaders demonstrated overwhelming reactions.

The leaders of the AL have demanded a judicial inquiry into the case.

“There is no reason to deploy the BGB. They [administration cadre officers] overindulge. The police arrest our wounded leaders and activists when they are treated, ”Barishal District Unit General Secretary Talukder M Yunus said.

He said the words used in the Bangladesh Administrative Service Association’s statement were unworthy of administrative service.

The association at a meeting of its executive committee on Thursday evening discussed in detail Wednesday night’s attack on the UN residence and claimed that the mayor of Barishal City Corporation was responsible for the attack, according to a statement.

The meeting, chaired by the president of the association and principal secretary of the ministry of water resources Kabir Bin Anwar, decided to face the “political scoundrels” legally.

The law will take its own course, the statement said.

Regarding the deployment of the BGB in the city, the deputy commissioner for administration of the Barishal district and executive magistrate, Mr. Nazmul Huda, said that the members of the BGB had been deployed in accordance with an intelligence report.

“The additional forces now remain in neighboring neighborhoods and they will enter the city, if necessary,” he added.

Employees of the Barishal City Corporation demonstrated in the city to demand the withdrawal of complaints against the mayor and city staff.

They said city dwellers would be deprived of services if the cases were not withdrawn.

In Dhaka, the RAB arrested on Friday evening Sheikh Sayeed Ahmed Manna, the second accused in the two cases filed for the attack, in the district of Mohammadpur in the capital.

In a press conference on Friday, AL Secretary General Obaidul Quader said those allegedly involved in the Barishal incident would be brought to justice, adding that some of the defendants had already been arrested.

Using the party identity, no offender has received party support in the past and that will not happen in the future either, he said.

On Wednesday, a clash broke out between supporters of the AL-BCL and members of the Ansar when the former attempted to attack the UN residence.

Five people were shot and wounded during the clashes.

The UN said that posters representing the Minister of State in charge of water resources Zaheed Farooque on the occasion of the National Day of Mourning were put up in various places in the premises of the upazila parishad.

When BCL activists came to tear up the posters on Wednesday evening, he asked them to remove the posters Thursday morning while people were sleeping, the UN added.

Local AL leaders said there was a protracted dispute between Minister of State Farooque and Barisal town mayor Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah over control of local politics and businesses.

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